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Enabling Indian brands to penetrate and expand

Our collaborations enable foreign companies to create their sales channels, find their niche in the US marketplace.

Navab Bashah

CEO @ AmazeTech

“I am constantly approached by local companies to guide them to launch in the US and I keep pointing them to Entry USA because getting started within budget is most essential for the startups....thanks to EntryUSA's team."

Balram Jindal

President @ Deji Home

"Entry USA helped us understand the market faster. We rely on it's sales-facilitation team because they understood our products, represented our brand exactly what we stand for."

Yash Gupta

Founder, CEO @ Cubistics

“We've relied on Entry USA for getting our first order and generating the buyers' feedback. They not only delivered on their promise but saved us costs by helping us focus on the right strategy”

Revenue growth

End-to-End sales facilitation

Building trust with your buyers ensuring the long-term growth and success of your company.

  • Local representation as your team overcoming barriers like language and time difference
  • Address your buyers' queries in real-time
  • Find new avenues for sale helping scale the company's initiatives
  • Develop more strategic relationships with prospects and clients to help them create a bigger footprint
  • Identify suitable resources for growth
  • Guidance with respect to ethical and legal practices in the US
  • Ensure the company's objectives meet its overseas expansion projections according to the set expectations

Breaking the Ice

Launch on budget with a flexible service model

We Assess

We Strategize

We Execute

Product Specifications to check the market fit
Identify competitive landscape
Develop a product-positioning strategy
Sales proposition, product messaging
Match with the buyer's behavior and needs
Face-to-face in-person sales meetings
Participation at expos & conferences
Apply holistic ways to add & create value


  • How does Entry USA identify potential sales opportunities for my Indian company in the US market?

    Entry USA employs a comprehensive market research approach to identify potential sales opportunities for Indian companies in the US market. We analyze market trends, customer demographics, and competitive landscapes to pinpoint lucrative business prospects.

  • What should I be prepared with before entering the US market?

    Technical specifications of the product; relevant certifications; willingness to share referrals of business done in the US or globally; and ready-to-ship samples.

  • What are the Strategies that I should deploy when entering the US market?

    This is dependent on the product/service you want to launch in the US market. It will vary from product to product and what your ultimate goal is. If you want to launch your brand the route will be different. If you want to customize or white label the product for your buyer the route will be different. In either case we will help you to position your product/service In the case of wanting to sell your own branded product then marketing expenses will need to be considered for brand launch. Alternatively, a less expensive way of entering the market is to enter the country by white labeling your product and then slowly graduating to building your own brand.

  • How fast would I see the ROI?

    It depends on multiple factors. While time of entry is most crucial other factors like adapting to the client's requirement are equally key. In a nutshell, the time taken to get your first order is directly proportional to how quickly and effectively you address your buyers’ requirements.

  • What insights does Entry USA provide into US market trends and customer preferences?

    Entry USA provides valuable insights into US market trends and customer preferences through thorough market research and analysis. This helps Indian businesses tailor their sales approach to meet the specific needs and preferences of US customers.

  • How does Entry USA provide ongoing support for after-sales service?

    Depending on the complexity of the requirements, the service can either be offered virtually or by providing a local resource.

  • What guidance does Entry USA offer on regulatory requirements and compliance issues for entry to the US market?

    Compliances primarily relate to certifications, CBP (Customs and Border Protection) and Port Authorities. We have access to experts in the domain.

  • How does Entry USA customize its sales facilitation services to meet the needs of its clients?

    Entry USA researches the market thoroughly from the perspective of both the seller and buyer before taking on an assignment. This comprehensive approach is deep-rooted and we provide a multi-pronged approach depending on the customer profile.

  • What infrastructure facilities are available to us?

    Office space, conference and meeting facilities for clients and customers are available in-house.