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  • Pick, Pack | Stick, Ship
  • Integrate all major shopping carts
  • Orders shipped the same day
  • Inventory & order management
  • Handle returned orders
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
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99.8% Accuracy rate

Shipping Partners FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL

1,000+ Orders shipped/day

Fulfill Global Orders


Online store to your customer's door


Connect your online store and send your product consignment to us.


We stack your products in our warehouses - fulfillment centers.


Your customer makes purchases on your online store - marketplaces.


We pick & pack orders we receive from your online store or as CSV file.


We ship the orders through the selected courier for your orders.


End-to-End Fulfillment Services

Kitting & Assembly​

We offer a wide range of services. Retail Packaging, Heat sealing, Building Trade Show Displays and more just ask! We offer on the Fly, Small Volume Kitting as well.

Pick & Pack​

We can break open your master cases to shipper inners. Pack multiple products into one or multiple boxes. We use air pillows, and heat sealed filament tape for boxes. This ensures safe and professional looking shipments. We consolidate products into one or more boxes using our automated system to check for the best shipping options.

Pick & Stick​

You have product that ships by the full case or single box, we just pick it, print a shipping label and stick it on. This is your cheapest shipping option. This keeps your inventory clean, and we can ship out product super FAST!

Ecommerce Fulfillment​

One word- Speed! In all seriousness, your customers are expecting quick and accurate service. State of the art semi-automated picking systems. We are experts at integrating with all the major shopping carts and third party marketplaces out there.

Customized Pick & Pack Services​

The key to a successful supply chain management is by discussing your options with your pick and pack services provider. By hiring a third party company to do this for you, you can save on funds not only on employment but also on warehouse or storage location. Presentation of your packages is critical.

FBA Prep​

Many of our customers sell on more than 1 website or platform. Many companies rely on amazon to fill amazon FBA orders. If you do this, then you have special product and shipping carton labeling requirements to get the merchandise to their center. We are familiar with all the details and can perform the FNSKU labeling task without confusion.


A few examples

Cost depends on factors like # of SKUs, weight, dimensions, specific packing requirements, and shipment destination.

Example 1

Product: Perfume
Weight: 2LB
Dimensions: 7in x 6in x 4in

Shipping to Texas from New Jersey:
$11-$13 is the estimated cost - includes pick/pack, packaging/materials, courier shipping

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Example 2

Product: Bedsheet Set
Weight: 5LB
Dimensions: 14in x 10in x 5in

Shipping to Chicago from New Jersey:
$12-$15 is the estimated cost – includes pick/pack, packaging/materials, courier shipping

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Example 3

Product: Costume Jewelry
Weight: <1LBy
Dimensions: 7in x 5in x 1in

Shipping to Florida from New Jersey:
$6-$8 is the estimated cost – includes pick/pack, packaging/materials, courier shipping

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Example 4

Product: Apparel
Weight: 1.5 lbs for 2 orders
Dimensions: 9in x 11in x 4in

Shipping to New York from New Jersey:
$11-$13 is the estimated cost – includes pick/pack, packaging/materials, courier shipping

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3PL business’s personalized approach to addressing any of our [customer] queries is so efficient that we are totally worry-free. They are a great fulfillment partner for small businesses and start-ups.

Mohammad Shakir

CEO Ayumn Creations Inc

Product categories that we support

Home & Garden


Home Furnishings


Automobile Parts






Pet Supplies

Travel Supplies

Artificial Jewelry

Office & School Supplies

Sporting Goods


Stone products

“The duo of Allen Barsano and Navin Pathak are highly dependable and proactive. Their guidance on keeping stock and shipping has saved us money and at the same time made our customers happy.”

KK Sharma

Managing Director, K T Fasteners LLC

Strategic Location

“With our continued growth leading to 100+ orders to be fulfilled in a day, 3PL business is giving us every reason to use them with full confidence. With the excellent communication maintained with us, their fully automated order-picking technology has reduced the error rate to ZERO. ”

Yash Gupta

COO, Philin Logistics

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  • Should I lease an entire warehouse or space within a warehouse to store my products?

    No, you don’t need to but the decision depends on the scale of your business and product volume. When leasing warehouse space in the US, consider costs such as rent, insurance, labor salaries, utilities, equipment, maintenance, taxes, worker compensation, and security for storing and managing inventory.

  • As a 3PL, what would you do for my warehousing and order fulfillment needs?

    We will unload, receive, store, process your orders, pack, and ship your products. In this process, we will track and provide reports that allow you to monitor your order status and inventory levels.

  • How accessible are your warehouses?

    Our warehouses are easily accessible by road for efficient transportation and logistics operations. Extremely convenient access through roadways allows easy movement of goods and that reduces transportation costs.

  • What types of storage options are available at your facilities?

    • Pallet storage, where we store goods on pallets and stack them using forklifts;
    • Shelf storage, and
    • Bulk storage, for large items or materials.
  • Would we sign an agreement in case we store our products at your facility and what would it cover?

    An agreement would be signed. It would detail what you should expect from us as a facility and what we will expect of you as a respected client.

  • What transportation and shipping services do your warehouses offer?

    Together with pick-pack-ship services including labeling, we provide consolidation, cross-docking, and trucking for movement of goods from the warehouse to their final destination.

  • In what different ways does the warehouse accept the orders to be fulfilled?

    We accept orders to be picked-packed-shipped through various channels, including online platforms like Amazon or Shopify, email (excel format), or integrated systems such as electronic data interchange (EDI). We will give you access to our WMS.

  • What is the processing time from order receipt to shipment?

    We generally handle e-commerce orders within 1 business day. Orders placed before 9 AM will ship the same day. More complicated wholesale orders may allow for additional handling time between 24 to 48 hours.

  • How would I know that my order has shipped?

    In 3 ways

    • You can view that in the WMS, or
    • From our WMS, a daily shipment file will be sent to you
    • You can log on to the order portal (Shipstation or Teapplix) and see the order fulfillment work done for you
  • Is the warehouse equipped with technology for inventory tracking and management?

    Yes, our warehouses are equipped with technology for inventory tracking and management, including warehouse management systems (WMS), barcode scanning devices, RFID technology, and inventory control software.

  • Do I need insurance on my products stored in your facility?

    It's advisable to have insurance when storing inventory in a warehouse. General business insurance, which includes product liability coverage, protects against property damage such as fire, theft, or natural disasters affecting stored inventory.

  • What types of products are your warehouses capable of handling?

    Home textiles, apparel, houseware, consumer products, home and garden, cosmetics, ambient temperature food, packaged food products and edible oils.

  • What security measures are in place to protect our inventory?

    Surveillance cameras, access control systems, alarm systems, sprinkler system and inventory tracking systems.

  • How do our warehouses handle returns?

    We handle returned items by inspecting and processing them, assessing their condition, restocking usable items, disposing of damaged goods, and updating our inventory records accordingly.

  • How would we communicate with the warehouse team?

    We communicate via email or phone. Our warehouse team will promptly respond to your queries, help you track orders, provide updates on order statuses, and keep you informed about any issues or delays.

  • What are your warehouse’s operating hours?

    Monday- Friday 9 AM-6 PM. We may be open for additional weekend hours during certain seasonal periods such as.